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You’re here because you know you have the power to change your own life.  

It’s just that sometimes, you feel stuck…overwhelmed…confused. It can be difficult to feel confident in your next step, see with clarity where your life is headed, and know without a doubt that you’re living the life God created you for!  

That’s why I’m here.

Together, we can define and design the very best version of YOU.  Because, yes, you do have the power to create a life of balance, growth, peace, and enjoyment right now.  But, not a single one of us was meant to do that on our own.

We all have an area (or areas) of our lives that we desperately want to uplevel.  For some, it may appear to be our health and fitness, for others it is relationships, and for others, it can just feel more like an overall desire for BETTER.  Regardless, we must all agree that one thing is certain: None of us are a piece of a person. We are all whole people, and therefore must include each aspect of ourselves in our change-endeavors in order to achieve long-term wellness!

At Awarding Life, the WHOLE person is included in every way we work together.  Explore the opportunities below, so that I can meet you where you are and together we can meet your best self- mind, body, spirit!

Let’s get started!

Below you will find a few different paths to work with me:


6-Week Course

This is your DIY with a little support option for next level wellness.  In the decade-plus that I’ve been supporting people through the change process, I’ve seen some common themes show up when it comes to people, food and exercise.  No matter what the hot new trend is, or what new research is supporting, there is one very important thing we need to understand. The one thing that we really need to fully grasp, understand and honor in our desires to change, grow and improve is… yourself.  Allow this six-week journey of learning and understanding your own body and mind create a foundation from which you can build anything! This course is the psychology course we never took, with the nutrition and fitness basics to round out a whole new approach to wellness!  


Group Coaching

The Awarding Life Group Coaching program is food and fitness done with the whole you in mind.  We approach nutrition and exercise with honesty, individual respect, and clear goals. There are no rigid expectations or community weigh-ins, but there are plenty of options supported through compassionate accountability, guidance, and grace.  This is the group wellness community for the life-living-human who wants to continually be growing and improving in all things mind, body, spirit. Join our family and begin unlearning everything that hasn’t worked so that you can enjoy living in your own body.  



Need a little more individualized attention than a 6 week course, or daily coaching community can provide?  Not sure if diving in to a full 1:1 coaching relationship is the right fit for you at this time? Then the 2 hour intensive is just want you’re looking for.  In this 110 minute audio-session we unpack what’s going on for you, evaluate your desires, roadblocks and uncertainty’s and go to work creating clarity and strategy for moving forward.  

1 on 1 

Private Coaching

and if you’re ready to go all-in on your very best self…

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