Meet Amanda

We are all made of and meant for so much more than we’ve settled for.

Would you agree?

Do you sometimes get that deep, gnawing, nagging feeling that you KNOW there’s a way out of the stress and pressure, but it just feels unclear, or daunting, or kind of impossible to achieve?

Hey, hey!  I’m Amanda.

I’m a Transformational

Wellness Counselor.

Some people say coach,

but with a therapists

background, counselor

helps me paint the

picture of the whole

life change

we’re going for.

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We spend countless hours and dollars on nutrition plans, exercise equipment or gym memberships, and none of it is showing up for US. When was the last time you felt like everything you were spending your time and money on was WORTH it?

Much of the time, the tiniest shift of focus can create immense clarity for us, and begin to create more than a hope for better but a PLAN for more.  The biggest problem is that we’re inundated with information, facts, stories, influences, and opinions from our environment and associations and we cannot tell what’s really true FOR us and what’s just someone else’s truth.  That’s right, we’re all different and unique and that means that what works for someone else won’t always work for us. As your wellness counselor, I share knowledge, strategy and insight to do just that! I bring each piece of the human-experience-puzzle to the table for intentional, effective eating, moving and being!  Together, we climb the mountains and you create peace and freedom from limiting patterns and hopeless stress.

Think about it- what if you could start each day, carving out space for the most impactful person in your life- YOU!?  That’s not selfish or self-centered the way you may have grown up thinking, it’s NECESSARY! Even better, what if you WANTED to put in the time to honor God by going to His word to find out how your day was going to go, better yet- your week, year and LIFE!?  You can do all of this with peaceful rest and excitement for the life you GET to live, while still being your most amazing and healthy self, mother, wife, working woman! Yes, I said you could have all of that and be healthy, too. That means you don’t have to resign yourself to carrying around excess weight, and physical exhaustion as part of your dealt hand.  You do actually deserve better than feeling like you’re barely making it each day! Your new normal can be that feeling of satisfaction that you are in your process and every day is better than the last. You bring your body and mind into alignment with God’s true purpose for you, and so it feels amazing. You share these experiences with the ones you love most, impacting the world with residual joy and gratitude, not having to worry about feeling accepted or appreciated anymore. Gaining a sense of adventure and balance, a sense of peace and passion, and the ability to manage it with grace is within your reach.

“Amanda has given me insight into a new and better life through self love and health.

I have gained self confidence and strength.

She has helped me figure out

what I need and what’s best for me.”


How I can help YOU:

Don’t you know that you already have everything you need to feel amazing each day!?  I promise you, God didn’t leave you out when He gave us each the measure of faith required to live our best lives!  And that’s exactly the answer to this question, “how can I help?” I help you come back to God’s creation- the YOU that you’re really meant to be!  

I think you can tell, I have a faith-centered approach to helping you be your best you, but you need to know that I also have a reality-based existence.  Meaning, we’re all human, we all go through things, we all make mistakes and develop habits that may not be serving us well! This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, it just means we need to connect to help you get unstuck and out of your own way!  I meet you where you are and help to illuminate the dark and dingy patterns that are part of our human-nature, but that are also keeping you stuck where you are. Sometimes this can be mental and emotional, showing up in the daily details of feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled with ourselves, our jobs, our relationships.  Many times this can be experienced through more tangible obstacles, like inconsistent weight loss efforts, health problems, or even anxiety and depression, to name a few.

The truth is, most of us are probably crushing it in one or two areas of life, while the areas that really, really matter are lacking.  Sound familiar?

When we connect, I can help you create daily victories that propel you into long term wellness.  The goal is to help you set yourself up for excellence no matter what you face in life. I believe that transformational change can occur when we agree to leave no part of YOU behind.  Sometimes we start with the food, sometimes we start with the fitness, and sometimes we start with all the jumbled up parts of you-inside. Regardless where we start, each piece of your life matters and, it’s the starting at all that matters the most!  

“Amanda has helped me to uncover

and use the power I possess.” – Mariah

Amanda Ward

Licensed Professional Counselor +  Nutrition Coach + Certified Personal Trainer = Your Wellness Coach

Why I know what I know:

  • I have a Master’s Degree and a License in clinical counseling
  • I am certified in personal training, group exercise instruction and PiYo live format
  • I am certified in nutrition coaching, have over 20 years of athletic experience, and a decade of coaching experience
  • I struggle with and manage daily, my own autoimmune difficulties that manifest in a variety of physical, mental and emotional ways
  • I am a saved human living my best life daily

My Story:

I was always sick.  As far back as I can remember, I was missing family functions or having to eat a special pack-your-own meal because of food and environmental allergies or chronic illnesses.  It was isolating to say the least, and back then we didn’t have as much access to information, so it just became my normal. My family wasn’t well off and we also didn’t have access to many resources to deal with things, so a doctor’s word had to be good enough.  Well, unfortunately, that didn’t help much.  As I grew, in addition to repeated illnesses, I had weird skin problems manifesting as what I now know as Granuloma Annulare, but back then everyone just thought it was chronic ringworm.  It was emotionally devastating to think I had a fungus that we couldn’t get rid of, not to mention socially isolating! Later in life, I struggled with acne, like so many other adolescents do, which only added to growing self esteem issues.  

Weird, different, diseased, and difficult became my normal.  That’s the set up for the years that followed. Doctor’s visit after doctor’s visit left me the results of pretty much over-dosing on antibiotics (yes, that’s a real thing and an all-too-common experience).  I was given prescriptions, creams, steroids, and referrals to specialists, including psychiatrists! After years of enduring bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, rashes, chronic urticaria (HIVES!) and more, I found myself with low self-esteem, disordered eating, and most-likely coping poorly on the floor of my college apartment.  Use your imagination, you probably won’t be far off the truth!

What if I had known?  

That chronic belly-bloat was the result of the types of foods my body didn’t process well and NOT a direct reflection of my physical and personal value?  

That most modern foods have evolved in such a way that MOST of us have difficulty breaking them down, which can lead to symptoms varying from mood/emotional difficulty and physical illness to  varied digestive distress!?

That skin problems aren’t an indication that you will be ugly and unloved for life, but almost always indicate a deep, digestive root problem that is not only resolvable but reversible!?

What if I had known that I could make all of the changes I wanted so badly, without having to seek external approval or acceptance? That I could modify food and lifestyle and create clarity and freedom from learned patterns that were keeping me stuck!?  That things as simple as food and exercise could change my life for the better or worse depending on how I implemented them!? Well, for starters, if I’d known these things, I wouldn’t have almost a decade of experiences to help me relate to you and what you may be going through!  Although I caused myself (and those who loved me) much pain and distress, years of dealing with anxiety, disordered eating (like binging and purging and exercise regulated restriction), and seeking external approval and acceptance has lead me to exactly where I am now!  

I do NOT believe God puts us through pain ON purpose, but I do believe He can work that pain out FOR purpose when we let him.  When we take a step back and see the bigger picture, we see new pathways and opportunities for freedom from pain, release from limitation and source for healthy identity.  

When I finally saw the light, I began to feel stronger, happier, healthier and better every day.  It started with a candida cleanse my mother and I bought online, and has been a steady climb since.  I learned how to seek information instead of approval, and I applied what I learned to find out what worked for my struggles.  I learned that what I put IN my body often showed up on the outside, either physically or through my thoughts and actions. I learned that fitness could be a source of celebration, a source of exploration, and an example of inspiration to others instead of using it as a tool for weight management or physical punishment.  

For more than the last decade of my life, I’ve been putting into practice what I’ve learned about myself, and working with others who struggle as well!  Going after degrees and certifications to make my perpetual student happy has just been the sugar-free icing on my grain-free cake!

Now, I sit here in my mid-30’s as the healthiest version of myself to date!  I get to work with people, like you, every day who just want to continue to meet their next best self every day.  I’ve learned that, in order to redefine wellness, we need to carefully and compassionately bring together each piece of what makes you you- the need for nourishment (food), the ability to move (fitness), and your unique identity (mental and spiritual)!  When we look at all facets of your life together, we’ll be able to transform your life with sustainable wellness! The results include you becoming your own best doctor, having the confidence to make choices that support who you truly are, and being able to get excited about each new day you wake to!

Thank you for visiting my “About” page.

I would love to hear where you

are in your own journey

and how I can help you

transform your life through wellness.

Get in touch to schedule

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xoxo,   Amanda

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“I gained soooooo much more than just weight loss (even though that was the goal and my “why” for starting) I gained knowledge about Health-Nutrition and discovered that I wanted to change my lifestyle and eating habits forever.  Amanda brings something that can’t really be described…she has a wealth of knowledge about many many aspects of nutrition and exercising in addition to the programs we use that she openly shares – plus her genuine spunk for life, health, and happiness of others is contagious! I will forever be grateful for her support!” - Nicole

“After just one week of the changes I made, I started to feel like myself again and haven’t had these [pain, anxiety, exhaustion] issues since!  I truly believe now that the food we put in our body has a huge impact on our overall feeling!  Not only did it make me feel better, I also saw huge improvements  in my running and workouts.  I now can come home after working all day and be able to take care of and play with my two children without having that exhausted feeling!  I am so glad that I decided to take Amanda’s advice and make these healthy changes!" - Kristi

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