Recent speaking engagments

Speaking for Personal Development & Optimal Wellness

The world we live in offers compartmentalizing for EVERYTHING: gyms, spa’s and trainers for the appearance, dieticians, meal plans and home delivery services for your food, therapists, coaches and self help books for your mind.  What if you had ONE place where you could bring all parts of yourself to the table? Recognize that each part of you is amazing and deserves to be enhanced, loved on and understood? This is how we become who we were created to be!  Amanda brings a whole-person approach to wellness and speaks on these topics to help women weave together their ideal life and optimal wellness. She goes beyond motivational speaking for weight loss and educates her audience on the psychological and spiritual aspects of true, lasting change.  As a personal trainer, a nutrition coach and a licensed therapist, Amanda combines her skillsets with personal and vicarious experiences, to share with her audience:


  • A reminder that they are a unique valuable creation, put here on purpose for a purpose, by a God who loves them!
  • A new way to see their behavior
  • A new way to perceive progress and setbacks
  • Understanding of patterns and how to change them
  • Resetting the mindset to be growth oriented
  • Ways to leave limiting patterns and habits behind, learning from them and implementing knowledge gained to experience true freedom from shame, guilt and feeling STUCK
  • Topic and approach adjustable for environmental appropriateness

Speaking for your Organization

Our lives are so demanding, scheduled and BUSY!  Workplace wellness is a key to having employees who not only perform to their potential but do so with energy, enthusiasm and inspiration to others!  True workplace wellness, true employee morale, starts with the individual. From Amanda’s experience with corporate business and her credentials as a wellness expert, she brings applicable strategy to productivity, morale and wellness at work!  Audience will learn:


  • how to eat, move and live for increased daily productivity
  • strategies for enhancing performance, working smarter not harder
  • Alternative methods for wellness to reduce cost and consequence of quick-fix hacks
  • how to shift mindset to improve outlook, creativity and results





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