After coaching hundreds of individuals, I realized we were finding two pretty consistent things: 1- Everyone is different and bioindividuality must be a factor as we approach your unique wellness. This means a standardized program may or may not work for you, so the one on one connection we get through coaching is VERY helpful for achieving your optimal health. And, 2- There were a few things that ALWAYS proved beneficial. Even if we needed to tweak the strategy or way these tenets were applied to unique individuals lives, the concepts remained true!

So, I created the Awarding Life Healthy Handbook where you can find those core tenets of excellent wellness! I provide the strategy and clarity in this simple breakdown of the foundational principles of an Awarding Lifestyle.

Bust through the overwhelm of information overload with foods lists, new belief systems and a sample meal plan. The Awarding Life Healthy Handbook provides an introduction to longterm wellness that you can start RIGHT NOW. *Free with Awarding Life Group Coaching enrollment.

Awarding Life