2-Hour Intensive

Imagine sitting down with someone who not only believes the best about and for you, but who also sees your potential and can connect the dots for you on how to get from A to Z!   Imagine being about to share all the dirty details about what’s going on with you and not feel judged or pressured one way or the other? Imagine walking away with clarity and motivation to take steps toward action and overcoming the mountains in your life!  

This is what the 2-hour Intensive was created for!!  Change takes time and our process doesn’t happen in a 2-hour window, but we CAN create clarity, confidence, and identify strategies for progress in just a short session with each other.  

The 2-hour intensive is a 110-minute audio session where we fully process and evaluate your desire and options for outcomes.  We set forth with the focus to identify maladaptive habits and limiting thought patterns so we know what we’re working with. We’ll meet your inner critic and transform your self-talk so that moving forward you aren’t your worst enemy anymore!  We’ll confront the truth and graciously help you figure out simple, significant action steps to propel you toward your goals.

The 2-hour intensive is for you if you’re struggling to make a decision, you feel overwhelmed and a bit hopeless in your current life circumstances, you’re not sure what you’re next move is for growth or improvement, or you just need someone to shed some light on your tunnel vision!  

Book your 2-hour intensive by clicking here.  I’ll be in touch very soon to schedule our magic-making session!!

Awarding Life