Unlock your potential and access the power you already have to create the life you desire.  

Yes, this means you CAN make some pretty simple shifts in your focus, your food, and your daily routine that will result in BIG changes. 

Here’s the deal.

We’re inundated with new diet programs, fitness fads, and multi-day challenges, and they all work…for a short time, right?  What if you could achieve a state of balance that didn’t have you yo-yo’ing back and forth, and forward and back? It’s time to ZOOM OUT and clearly see what really matters in life for longterm success;

Mind. Body. Spirit.  

You’ve got this.

In this six-week course, you won’t just learn a checklist of foods to eat and not eat.  You’ll actually learn how the body processes the foods you’re consuming, so you have the power to begin eating for the outcomes you desire!  Participating with your body in the amazing process of digesting and metabolizing food will help you find out what your unique body needs and enjoys!  

We’ll tackle the MOST important area of behavior change first – the mind – because everything starts with a thought!  When we can get to know, understand and reframe our thoughts, we reclaim the power we have over our actions.  

You’ll decode the cryptic go-hard-or-go-home messaging that overcrowds the fitness space in today’s world.  You get to create a balanced, realistic routine that not only fits your life, but supports the life you want!

“This has become a sustainable lifestyle change and I can’t ask for more than that. The nutrition education completely exceeds my expectations. Having a foundation for why to make certain choices allows me to maintain this approach without feeling like I am dieting. I am living an Awarding Life!”

David S.

You have the power within.

The thing we all need to understand is that there is a different health blueprint for each of us- we are all so different! This is why it’s so hard for us to “figure it out.”  We’ve got tons of media giving mixed messages and our own body trying to tell us the truth. The honest answer to your life well-lived is right there inside you!!

So, if we’re all so different, how are we supposed to figure out how to be in our best health!?  It can be so exasperating, especially if you’re NOT feeling your best, right now! Whether it’s weight loss, autoimmune disorder, chronic disease, mental illness or anything else, there ARE a few absolute truths we can all embrace and customize for our own desired wellness.  These tenets are what I call the Foundations of an Awarding Life! They are the building blocks to your unique wellness blueprint!

Light, graceful structure is what helps us grow without the urge to ‘fall off a wagon,’ or ‘get off track.’  The Foundations will help you design a sustainable lifestyle based in education and real-life application. Having a foundation for “why” to make certain choices is what allows us to sustain progress without feeling like we must stick to a rigid ‘diet’ program and set ourselves up for failure!

Understanding HOW the mind works is the key for unlocking our next steps, whether we want an optimal level of fitness performance, improvements in our quality of life, or simply sustainable weight loss!  Tap into the power of your mind, and take back the power over your life!!

Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is freedom.

What to look forward to;


  • A weekly content module provided in your private classroom, AND broken up into content in a private Facebook group for ease of interaction, discussion and celebrating one another!
  • A weekly video from me, to tear apart the content and really figure out how this applies to daily living for various phases of life and unique scenarios!
  • Weekly Q & A opportunity to have your specific questions answered so you can implement with individual effectiveness.
  • Completing this course brings not only the accomplishment of giving 6 weeks to yourself, but also the opportunity to receive exclusive membership into the new and improved Awarding Life Group Coaching program.  Better still… that membership will be offered to all Foundations graduates for just $10/month for life!!
  • Knowledge and insight not just into WHO you are, but HOW you tick… so you can navigate your desired wellness with confidence and satisfaction for a lifetime.

How it works:

  • For a fraction of lifestyle coaching rates, you can begin to take these crucial steps toward long term change.  Enrolling in this course will provide you a community experience, a private log in where you can complete and monitor content to focus your journey, and weekly support from me- your wellness counselor!
  • The commitment is virtual, so it works for you when you work it.  Show up when you can, catch up in your own timeline, and implement the work with connection and support.  And keep the material for life!  Repetition is the mother of learning, so go back and reset, remind, and reimplement as much as needed!  
  • The 6-weeks of content is broken up into weekly modules, focusing on mindset, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.  In addition to the private classroom portal, you’ll also have access to an exclusive Facebook community for support and interaction.  
  • Your timeline starts and ends when you want it to, in this “done-with-you” program for building your wellness from the inside, out with a solid Foundation!!  Begin 2019 with a blueprint that is already coming to life for your next best self. 

It’s amazing how changing my health was really opening the door for every other positive change in my life!”

Rachel C.

Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1- Everything starts with a thought.  Learn how the brain works when it comes to habits, thought patterns, and emotional connections.  Understand how to access and strengthen your willpower, while dashing those self defeating thought patterns that keep you feeling like a failure.  Create a mindset of belief with tangible mental exercises that will not only change your thoughts, but your day, and your life.

Week 2- How you spend your time is how you spend your life!  Deep dive into the second-to-second details of your daily routine.  Reclaim time you didn’t know you had, and redefine priorities to reflect your new desires and beliefs!  Find out how to integrate healthy self care into your weekly routine, instead of waiting to crash before rejuvenating yourself.

Week 3-  Food is our friend.  Identify the thoughts and beliefs that drive our food behavior.  Create mindful eating habits, and reveal the mind-body connection that creates your current health experience.

Week 4- Eating for wellness.  Plug into newfound perspective on food and learn how the body processes everything you eat.  Understand metabolism, digestion and hormones. Find out how our thought life creates our food-outcomes.  Know when and how to treat yourself for balanced enjoyment.

Week 5- What about working out?  Find out what the body needs instead of what you can do to it.  Learn the benefits of exercise to understand its role in your wellness.  Create a balanced exercise routine that supports your desires and goals.

Week 6- Putting it all together.  Create a day in the life of YOU that reflects what, how, and when to eat and move, while prioritizing the daily tasks that support our best self.  Assume a position of power by accessing awareness and application of information on an individual level. Hear from others who are on this wild and awarding adventure, alongside you!









“Following this food and nutrition approach helped me lose over 70 lbs and have a baby without gaining any weight. I have learned what it looks like to feel confident, and be healthy for the long haul. I also have my addiction under control, and I no longer let my emotions dictate how I eat. It has changed my life beyond measure.”

Sarah L.




Awarding Life