This 30 day devotional series is going to help you regain control over your life!  You have an unending supply of joy, peace and contentment that will support you in everything you want from life!  All you need to do is get BACK to that place!

This series of daily readings and considerations was born from my own personal growth, as well as from the observations and work I’ve been blessed to share with countless clients over the years. Even when a problem seems to be about food, fitness, and lifestyle wellness, what we know is that the source of our angst is much deeper. These 30 passages will impact you if;

  • you want to be the best version of yourself
  • you often find yourself battling negative self talk, self image, and self esteem
  • you cannot seem to get into a consistent routine 
  • you feel unfulfilled in some or many of your personal relationships
  • you’re just not sure why you were put on this earth
  • you love God but have trouble loving yourself
  • you sometimes feel as if you’ll never be ENOUGH 

I want to share with you, the truth God has revealed to me over the years, both in my personal journey and in the journey of those that I work with in counseling and coaching.  He did not create us to live in lack in any area of our life!  It is NOT normal or acceptable to feel inadequate or out of balance all of the time.  We will always face struggles and obstacles in life, BUT it is God’s plan for you to have an internal stability that allows you to withstand the winds, coming out victorious on the other side of life’s storms.  Better, yet, God wants to use you to inspire people along the way, empower others and give them hope through the way you live your life!

How awesome would it feel to know that everything you’re doing today is ENOUGH!?  No matter what other moms or women around you are doing, saying or asking of you…if you stand confident in God’s plan for you, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Finding that place where we can be truly confident in His plan for us can be daunting and overwhelming, though, can’t it?  I want you to know you can get there.  And I want to help you do that!  Start on Day 1 with me… and on Day 30, look back and see how far you’ve come!

On your 30 day journey I’ll be walking with you to :

  • remember how God sees and feels about you
  • redefine what self-love and “putting yourself first” really means
  • reveal how the comparison-trap limits your potential and blocks your relationship with God
  • reveal how your self-talk directly impacts our reality and future
  • understand the true meaning for Honoring our Temple (how we see, care for and present our bodies)
  • create new habits to support the life you desire
  • refresh your perspective and ambition for the life you are living!

Feeling balanced and at peace with your life is not an unattainable dream… it’s possible and achievable NOW. It starts on the inside, and it starts with you. You are ENOUGH from the Inside.

Listen to an excerpt of Amanda speaking at “Women With Divine Purpose” at Cornerstone Fellowship Church in May 2019, where she expanded on the concepts found in the book.

Awarding Life