Classes With Amanda


Unlike any workout you’ve ever done before, you’ll stretch, you’ll strengthen, and you’ll burn.  PiYo combines the controlled movements of pilates with the elongating movements of yoga into a unique dynamic flow!  Any level of fitness can modify to their level while addressing the 3 pillars of fitness in one class- strength, flexibility and balance.  You leave PiYo with a feeling of catharsis, like you’ve been in therapy for the body or something!  And when you wake up the next day, EVERYTHING moves better than it did before PiYo.  You’ll see it in your muscle tone, you’ll see it in your height and posture, and with a balanced wellness approach, you’ll even see it in your pants size.  


High Intensity Interval Training isn’t as scary as it sounds.  It’s just like exercise… only more effective!  The science behind mixing higher and lower intensity intervals is sound and basically allows us to use and burn energy at more efficient rates.  In other words- turn the fat burners on, and then keep them on for hours after you finish your workout!  It’s also shown effective in improving endurance and speed, among other things- like sleep, muscle strength and mood!  We use varied weights, including your body, dumbbells and sandbells, and we roll through circuits, boot camp style.  I provide a modifier for each move, so any level of fitness is welcome, and you get to push yourself!  My only rule is- “You can slow down, but you can’t quit!” 




PiYo & HIIT at Middlesex Family YMCA

Middlesex Family YMCA 11487 General Puller Hwy. P.O. Box 524 Hartfield, VA 23071
Tuesdays @ 6pm – PiYo Thursdays @ 5pm- HIIT

PiYo at Gloucester Family YMCA

Gloucester Family YMCA 6898 Main Street Gloucester, VA 23061
Fridays @ 8am- PiYo


Address: 11487 General Puller Hwy. Hartfield, VA 230

Phone : 804 316 9191


Address: 6898 Main Street Gloucester, VA 23061

Phone : 804 993 4922

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