We all know consistency and habits are the backbones of our daily wellness, but why is it SO HARD to break old habits and create new ones!?  We are bombarded with how-to’s and eat-this-not-that so much that when we fall off any wagon, it feels like ROCK BOTTOM every time.

We try and fail so much, sometimes it feels we shouldn’t try at all. But that’s no way to live! 

We were meant to experience life in our best state of health, feel peace now and continuously grow…and you can have that, too!  It’s not all about your will power, your personality or your genetics, for that matter.  It’s about stringing together the seemingly simple daily action steps, knowledge and support that will create a new foundation for life!

This is what I’ll introduce to you in the Balance Bundle!

This bundle was packaged together with intention…giving you a self-assessment to understand your baseline for wellness that includes everything from your mindset about food, your self-care tactics, and your spiritual health.  You’ll also get some guidance for those areas of life that seem so cloudy and controversial these days- supplements, nutrition and daily scheduling.

I know we’ve heard knowledge is power, but the truth is that APPLIED knowledge leads to freedom.  Freedom from addictions, old, unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns, unfulfilling routines, and self-doubt!  Stop trying to separate the food from the fitness and the mind from the body.  When we can develop our own blueprint for wellness, we begin to experience the harmony we were intended to live in.

Here’s what is in the bundle:

An Awarding Life Wellness Quiz

Your Awarding Life Routine Template

Awarding Life’s Daily 5

Let’s Talk Healthy Fats

Smart Supplementation

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