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Amanda J Ward is a transformational wellness coach.  She brings her cred as a personal trainer, a nutrition coach and a licensed mental health counselor to each group and individual session to help you become who you were created to be, leaving no part of the real YOU behind.  Amanda’s passion and purpose in wellness developed over the first few decades of her life, which were wrought with eating disorder, low self esteem and emotional disruption, addictive behavior and physical obstacles.  All of this, combined with her unique strengths in empathy and interpersonal insight lead to the formulation of the whole-person approach she has today, with each client and finally, herself.  She works with everything from fitness endeavors to weight struggles, personal growth and career development, relationship conflicts, depression, anxiety and more.  Amanda brings her own strength through struggle to each session with a goal of seeing and accepting her client where they are, helping them to do the same and rise beyond their limitations.  A reforming type A, she seeks authentic up leveling of herself through marathon running and nutritional experiments, managing her own autoimmune difficulties.  She has been a guest speaker in schools, hospitals, and community initiatives for healthy living.  She lives in a small coastal town with her husband, daughter and dog…finding peace in each moment, while simultaneously pursuing excellence in all things.  This is the definition of her business name, Awarding Life.


Awarding Life