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Awarding Life Healthy Handbook

Find strategy and clarity in this simple breakdown of the foundational principles of an Awarding Lifestyle. Bust through the overwhelm of information overload with foods lists, new belief systems and a sample meal plan. The Awarding Life Healthy Handbook provides an introduction to longterm wellness that you can start RIGHT NOW. *Free with Awarding Life Group Coaching enrollment.

Awarding Life Devotional

This 30 day devotional series is going to help you regain control over your life!  You have an unending supply of joy, peace and contentment that will support you in everything you want from life!  All you need to do is get BACK to that place!

Awarding Life’s Meal Plan for a Month

It can be hard enough to feed yourself and your family, much less attend to individual needs for a HEALTHY life! So much of how we feel, look and think is connected to the resources we give our body….that’s right, the FOOD we eat!  So much of what we accept as “normal” in our physical selves is not actually meant to be a part of our health and we can make HUGE improvements and impact on everything from mood, to appearance, to hormones and metabolism, simply by addressing our nutrition.

Awarding Life Elimination Diet

If you struggle with leaky gut, digestive distress, autoimmune disorders and just can’t seem to control your physical health and nutrition, this plan may be right for you.  A standard elimination diet geared toward removing irritants, reclaiming your gut health and clearly identifying food-irritants so that you can feel empowered to influence your own health and wellness.  Add on coaching so I can help you navigate the process and process your individual circumstances.

Awarding Life Marathon Method

Over the past 3 marathon’s run, I have developed both a training regimen and a nutrition approach that, while very customizable and dependent upon commitment, has supported shaving significant TIME off my race pace, helped me sustain training without injury and helped me achieve my goals. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I incorporate a lot more than JUST running into the plan… You’ll find a dynamic schedule and approach to accomplishing and amazing feat…and you’ll still have time to live your life.

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