I know I promised you results and information from my bloodwork…and I also promised you transparency, so- it took me about that long to really process and accept some of it!!  And I cannot promise that this blog will be completely articulate, as I’m still figuring some things out and learning how to explain it all in a way that makes sense!  Stepping back and seeing the big picture is quite a process, and although I help others with this all of the time, I’ve been deep in my own wellness tunnel for decades, so it’s an endeavor to step back and see the timeline, as well as begin to differentiate fact from perspective.

If you didn’t read part 1 of this saga, I invite you to check it out in the last blog, here.

So, I’m going to cut right to the chase…he literally told me I was broken.  Part of me wants to laugh because we all know that I don’t think in sweeping negative thoughts like that.  But part of me literally gave a little sigh of relief!  Here I am, questioning and exploring for decades and FINALLY someone tells me that I’m not crazy for feeling or experiencing the things I have!  Not crazy for paying attention to that deep gut feeling that there was more to this than meets the eye.  Yes, this is what I wanted, thank you!!  He actually apologized for having to deliver this news to me, but I laughed and thanked him genuinely, because not only do I thrive on information, now I can DO something that aligns with what’s really going on inside my body.

See, that’s the thing- we cannot SEE in there and sometimes we really need to to understand surface level, external symptoms.  I’m going to simplistically list out the findings from my test, and allow this to trigger any questions you may have.  That will help me better explain things in the upcoming blog!  Plus, of course, I’ll respond directly to you if you email me those questions!!!  Then, I’ll let you know what my initial steps have been to resolve what’s going on.  That’s the key- not only did God gift us the ability to have healing, once we have awareness about how our body and mind are processing things, we have full power to do something and sustain it. How amazing is that!?!?

Here is a fairly comprehensive narrative of the results I discussed with my consultant from the NutrEval test:

1- My gut dysbiosis and malabsorption markers show high levels of dysfunction.  The malabsorption markers IAA and PAA both measure in the significantly too high range.  Of the bacterial dysbiosis markers, four out of five show significantly too high readings, and the yeast/fungal markers show two out of three in the significantly high zone.

Basically, this means I have gut lining permeability and therefore much of what I’m consuming is not even getting absorbed, but leaking out (leaky gut) and also that I have some “bad bugs” taking up residence in there, prohibiting the “good bugs” from keeping a healthy balance.  We kind of already knew this, as I’ve struggled with healing from gut-dysbiosis symptoms my whole life and researched and experimented in this area for decades.  This report just puts the confirmation on it.

(for future reference, significantly too high will now be interchangeable with “in the red!”)

2- This one is interesting… My energy metabolism markers indicate that this body is NOT breaking down energy well.  The specific markers indicate that I’m really struggling with deconstructing and using fat energy because there seems to be way too much protein and fat components in my blood.  At first glance, it kind of looks like I’m in chronic ketosis (when you really get into the science of this, we find that it’s not that simple of an understanding).

In short, my mitochondrial markers are showing that this person is taking in too much fat and protein, needs simpler and easier energy to break down in the form of carbohydrates.  This is a person who “should be exhausted ALL of the time,” according to my consultant.  Two things to note, subjectively here:

       1- This does NOT mean that my fat-adapted lifestyle is not healthy, it simply means that right now, my body is showing an extreme disability to manage this lifestyle.  This could be because of gut dysbiosis and other factors (coming soon), and/or that I’ve eaten this way for a bit too long (not likely with the balance I typically keep but can be possible in those who pursue chronic keto-lifestyles).

        2-  Oh, thank you, now I have permission to be as tired as I sometimes get!   Interestingly, the timing of my experience with high exhaustion and fatigue seems to have been highly related to hormonal fluctuation and circadian rhythm changes in accordance with my cycle.  The confusing part here is that I’ve been so high functioning, I’m not sure how I’ve been able to do it!  We can factor in Awarding Life’s approach to wellness and point to spirit and mindset as highly influential in overall outcomes, yes?  Simple speak- mind over matter is real, the placebo effect is real.

Moving on…

3- Neurotransmitter markers show that I’m basically in SNS overdrive, which means my sympathetic nervous system, the one responsible for stress response/management is pumping on volume too high.  The only thing missing from a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue is cortisol readings, which aren’t a part of this test.  Interestingly, over the past 1-2 years, I’ve implemented multiple intentional balancing aspects to my life, improved and enjoyed mindfulness practice, and up-leveled my thought management in ways that has rewarded myself, my clients, my whole life.

Also interestingly, in last years genetic markers testing, I found that I have SNP’s that indicate I have great difficulty detoxifying stress-based neurotransmitters.  This is when I started practicing mind/body/spirit detox with intention and offering myself a bit more grace for some of my struggles- like overthinking.

4- My vitamin markers indicate what number 1 above says- malabsorption.  Even though I’m strategically supplementing with quite a few of the test-referenced vitamins, it appears I’m not absorbing them, particularly B vitamins.  My magnesium levels are super low, (SN I’ve been overdosing on Mag for years).  Amino acids are in the toilet, even though I take them post-workout daily.

We wonder if this is an issue of me just not absorbing them, or if it’s possibly a demand issue…meaning, my mitochondria may not even be able to ask for what they need based on all of the above thus far, and so I’m just flushing my supplements down the toilet.

5- Here’s an interesting one- Toxin Markers.  I have red levels for toxins that my body is apparently not managing or detoxing, specifically some pretty nasty ones that come from the environment like water and air.  Yikes.

Surprisingly, for me, we found that the only heavy metal of any concerning level was mercury, which is actually quite common.  At some point, I may consider getting my old-school fillings removed by a biologic dentist.

6- Circling back to notes on fat absorption, we found my Omega 3’s to be kind of high and my Omega 6’s to be too low!!  This makes sense because I’ve purposefully avoiding high O6 by unprocessing my lifestyle, but it also supports the idea that my body isn’t breaking down fats well because my O 3:6 ration should be balanced based on the fat-adapted lifestyle I’ve lead over the past few years.  The low O6 could be a contributing factor to dysbiosis of the gut.

My body is showing us from everything said thus far that it is not converting food into usable, absorbable components for optimal function and wellness.  Again- based on my functionality this almost seems impossible, but mind over matter!

7- Oxidative stress markers show that while I’m not in the red, I have borderline high and low levels, indicating a concern for probable damage at a cellular function level.

8- Elemental markers, showing things like copper, zinc, magnesium, and selenium all look to be in the appropriate green range.  All, except magnesium, as already noted.

Whew.  I know, it’s a lot.  And I’m still figuring it out, understanding my life timeline and deciding how and where to start addressing these findings.  The immediate changes I’m making have to do with the feasible impact I can make from daily action and lifestyle.  These are things like;

– slowly swinging my macronutrient consumption pendulum.  While my daily food intake has settled into a fairly consistent routine of 60/25/15 % fat/protein/carbohydrate respectively to the exact opposite: 60 % carbohydrate, 25% protein, 15% fat.  This is a significant change for me!  I have just begun getting close to these macro targets after a few weeks of graceful intention with my food choices.

– to make the above more challenging than it already appears, I still need to eat with gut health as a priority, hoping to address the bacterial imbalances that are present.  This means I still need to eat an anti-inflammatory, autoimmune based protocol while swinging my macronutrient ratio, which means my carbohydrate options are fairly limited.

– cooking all of my vegetables.  Asking my body to break down roughage was just adding to the pile of “this is hard” and cooking my veggies may help with some digestion and absorption factors.

– slowly pulling myself toward a lower intensity exercise routine, mostly by decreasing the number of runs weekly and the mileage of those runs.  Endurance running is a stress-based exercise, and I’ve known for years that my endurance focus is exacerbating many of my autoimmune issues… now I just see it on paper and in my bloodwork.  I plan on getting a bicycle fairly soon, and no, contrary to what my husband predicts, I will not get pulled into the road-racing world…not yet, anyway!

– installing a reverse osmosis/remineralizer water filter in my kitchen and my shower, which I have already done.  I can tell a huge difference in the structure of my water, both through drinking and in hygiene!

To close up this lengthy, but hopefully informational blog, I want to make a few comments about what I hope you take away from my personal process;

•The ONLY way to truly know the best diet, exercise, lifestyle plan for your life is to make yourself the focus of your efforts.  There are layers and layers to this process but the theme running through all of it, no matter where you start, is getting to know, accept and support YOU.  There is only one you, and while our body’s work on the same systems, the way the inner-workings of our bodies manifest is completely unique to your unique blueprint.  Your childhood, your experiences, your environment all play into the way your body adjusts, adapts and responds to stimuli over time.  The compounding of these adaptations ultimately provides us the with daily health experience we’re currently having.  We have to go deep and go all in to find our baseline and rebuild wellness from the inside out.

•NONE of what is happening in my body is indicative of the type of diet you should be choosing.  I must make specific comments about this, as I’ve claimed to be fat-adapted for several years now.  None of what this blog has stated means that is an unhealthy way of life.  All this means is that my unique body is unable to process what I’m currently giving it.

•One of the reasons I have been able to thrive so well despite what my bloodwork shows is because of the above point… the way that I’ve been eating over the past several years may have increased dietary fats, but it also significantly decreased toxins, inflammatory agents, sugary components and other known irritants.  This means, that even if my body is having trouble breaking down and using the macro ration I’ve been giving it, it wasn’t further hindered or damaged with junk food.  So, yes, just removing junk from your diet will make a profound impact on your life and wellness experience.

•The above comments help you understand why, for so many of the individuals I coach, we do begin with a gradual adjustment to allowing the body to understand dietary fat as a healthy energy source.  So many of the common fuel sources consumed today are starchy/processed carbohydrate based.  If we simply remove those, it is typical that an individual won’t be eating enough volume, and by teaching the body to understand and process healthy fats, we support a more efficient metabolism and gain resourcefulness for lifetime wellness.  

It is only when we dig deep into your individual makeup and

system functionality that we determine the best way for YOU to eat.

*And lastly, for now… the human spirit, when loved on, embraced and attended to consistently, is the core of who we are.  Even when body and mind are struggling, conflicted and confused, if we take the time to know who we are and why we’re here, often times that will rise above our limitations and allow us to persevere and prosper anyways.

I am so grateful for this experience, for this information, and for what’s to come now that I know these things!  This weekend I am enjoying a rare girls’ weekend with my cherished college roommates and best friends, and I will allow myself to indulge and enjoy my time.  I’m marking next week as the official start to more strategic approaches based on the recommendations my consultant provided me.  These include a deeper dive into the more extensive components of my above notes, as well as a significant shift toward a more rest-based lifestyle.  This will be a challenge.

I’m also very excited to have sparked a relationship that will benefit my clients as well.  Collaboration is often the catalyst to residual growth and through this connection, I will be able to provide access to testing that would only have been available through a much higher cost endeavor to those people that I work with.  If we don’t work together, I still invite you to explore Jon Mitchell and his services by clicking here.

And of course, I not only invite but encourage you to respond to this blog with questions that may have risen as you read through this information.  If you made it this far, I thank you for caring and I pray this information provides value in your life and wellness journey. Please remember that conversation and relationship are where the magic happens, so let’s talk about your thoughts!

Awarding Life