The Why Diets Don’t work series (part 1, part 2)  introduced us to the idea that there is ONE common denominator involved in all dieting, it’s successes and it’s failures:  US.  We are the one thing that every program or approach you’ve ever tried has in common.  And we’re still unhappy with the results.  So what am I saying, that we need to be the one to change?  Not necessarily… but what if we changed our approach?  We if we could truly stop dieting and start living out the lives that God has for us, undistracted and unhindered by food and all that comes with it?  What if food could be an amazing enhancement in this life we’re living, supportive to our wellness and purpose!? 

Sounds amazing, right?

The truth is, we’re so externally motivated due to our culture, that we’re driven by beliefs that are rooted outside of us.  Have you ever said you “loved” a food?  I know I have…but stop and really think about that.  Would you die for that food?  Would you commit your life to it, and treat it unconditionally?  Probably not in all seriousness.  No, the “love” you have for that food is built upon shaky ground- nostalgia, social experience, marketing, taste bud science, and neurochemical reactions.  YOU are bigger, stronger, and more valuable than your love for food.   

Even if your individual situation isn’t revolving around love for food, it’s likely that we categorize foods as good or bad, all based on external stimuli.  And the solid truth is that external stimuli are NOT rooted in the core of who we are and what we really need.  Unfortunately, it is not so simple as “listen to your body,” or doing a quick detox to reset.  We’ve allowed ourselves to be driven and identified by external influence, and we’re really just walking around as lesser versions of ourselves, limiting self and world of our intended impact!

We can rise above that system and tap into the way God made us.  We can understand how our minds work and begin to manage what we’re influenced by.  Doing this creates clarity on what really need, like and enjoy, ultimately reshaping our desired food, movement and lifestyle!

Redefining our belief about our bodies, what and how to nourish them, and accessing the power of our minds is truly life changing.  And it allows us to stop dieting and start living.

It’s time to rebuild your shaky ground.

You cannot build a house without a foundation…otherwise it would fall down at the slightest wind, yes?

This metaphor serves us in multiple areas of life…and particularly in our wellness!  It helps us remember that wellness is not all about food culture and body image but also about stress management, decision making and daily routine.  Everything about the way we operate creates the stability or lack thereof in our foundation!

The winds of life are not typically slight, they roar and gust, and swirl and come out of all directions all the time! Most of us feel this, some of us are caught in it, and many of us feel the impacts daily.

We feel knocked down, unstable, overwhelmed, burdened, anxious and exhausted.

This all shows up on our skin, in our eyes, and on our bodies.  It may look like dark circles, a dim perspective, or excess body fat.  Sometimes it looks like a malfunctioning thyroid, leaky gut, or metabolic disease.  It masquerades as chronic illness, inability to lose weight, and constant exhaustion.  We feel pain, achy, tired, and unmotivated.  We feel like we’ll never measure up to the social standards, look like “her” in those jeans or be able to chase our child through the playground.  We’re always irritated, feeling the need to defend ourselves and arguing with our loved one.   We think something must be wrong with us, we get bloodwork to check on things, and constantly worry.  No matter how we try, we cannot seem to get out of this cycle we’re in.

This is no way to live this beautiful life.

What if you could create a foundation that allowed you to stand tall and strong like a deeply-rooted tree regardless of the wind? You sway and bend a bit but you do not break, and you certainly do not crash to the ground, destroyed by chaos. The stresses of life will be there, but you will not be broken down because of them. Instead you’ll learn, you’ll experience and you’ll grow.

A foundation helps you nurture and support a healthy body and mind; a you that can make choices confidently and know how to bounce back when you need to. A you that recognizes the need for grace, balance and enjoyment amidst the need for discipline, focus and excellence.

All of this translates to clearer communication with others, less conflict and more meaningful conversation.  You’re more confident in what you need and what your strengths are, so you can speak your truth and make choices that serve not only yourself but also others.  Looking in the mirror allows you to see yourself for who you really are instead of how you do not measure up to a comparison standard.  You wear the jeans that feel amazing on your body and you embrace the strength in your legs.  You feed yourself foods and supplements that eliminate distress and bloat deep within, allowing your core to be the true center of your body.  Choosing an indulgence is an exciting adventure instead of a worrisome opportunity for regret.  Moving your body becomes a tool for stress management and an avenue for self-exploration.  See how far you can go, identify your limits and choose how they show up for and serve YOU.

This is not an overnight switch.


This is the Awarding Life Foundations, a journey to the body, mind and life you desire!  Part of Awarding Life is offering an entryway for wherever you are in life!  Sometimes a deep dive into 1:1 coaching doesn’t feel right, isn’t possible, or is just plain scary.  Sometimes a light structure, daily support system, like the ALGC isn’t quite enough for the changes you truly want and need.  But, there is still a way to create change for yourself and begin to take steps toward freedom now.

The Foundations course was created to present a tangible, realistic approach to learning and implementing the key components to true wellness.  Most diet programs position themselves as quick fix DIY options, and they all sound super attractive. They also all work!  Science is science and if you follow a diet or fitness program to a T, you’re going to get those results, or something similar.

But, what about when you start doing you again?  What about when you revert back to old patterns, and submit to cravings and desires?  When we don’t take the time to learn and rewrite our thought patterns, we will not achieve longterm success.  External structure, found in diet programs and fitness systems, will only work to hold us together for a short while, or when adhered to one hundred percent.  

Well, I want you to do you for real.  I want you to fully embrace and explore who God made you to be without feeling like you must fit into a specific box or pattern.  You can learn to manage your thoughts, you can learn to fuel your body and you can learn to achieve wellness that works for you.

On November 12, we’re laying the new Foundation to stop dieting and start living.  We’ll be learning the key tenets to a lifestyle of honest wellness, including how our brains work and why this is important in our food and fitness culture.  

Sign up now and join me for this first-ever LIVE course!  Weekly education modules will be accompanied by live calls, Q&A, and opportunities to process and discuss real-life implementation and struggle.  Anyone who participates in the Foundations journey will be granted the opportunity to join the Awarding Life Group Coaching program https https for minimal membership costs.   This course is my hearts desire to provide honest information to those of you who need and want it most.  I want to meet you where you are and help you meet yourself there, as well!

Find more details and sign up here at or reach out to me and we’ll figure out how to make this work for you!!


Awarding Life