Champions aren’t made in the gym.  They are made from something deep inside- a dream, a goal, a vision…

– Mohamed Ali

I sent this out in a Motivation Monday email … if you want to get motivation to your inbox weekly, just sign up here!  It’s free and easy!  I love this quote from Mohamed Ali.  It really lays it down that no matter how much work you put in at the gym… what really counts is where the drive to do so comes from- Inside of you!

In order to really move forward in life, we’ve got to go deeper than the daily activities, BUT we have to recognize the value of those sometimes mundane activities at the same time!  It’s a tightrope walk but there are really three options to choose from and you get that freedom of choice:


Self evaluate and really identify what you want in life, but fail to create the plan and do the actions that will get you there.  This is that perpetual student, you know?  Always learning or communicating things about themselves but never doing anything with it.  They have beautiful insight on life, but nothing to show for it.  This person reads the stories about the great athletes and understands the power behind their training, but doesn’t implement any of this strategy into their own life.


Have a plan, but lack the internal drive to get it done.  This is the person who understands they need a daily schedule but they are consumed with checking off their to-do list without any focus on why they are doing these things.  They get some forward movement, but it lacks substance and meaning.  This person gets stronger arms from their pushups, but they don’t translate that grit and focus to other areas of their life.


Identify your goal and know why it’s important to you.  Create a plan and follow it everyday, recognizing how much closer you’re getting to your goal, but also review, evaluate and give thanks for the journey along the way.  Read the books and hear the stories, put in the work and see the harmony come together in a beautiful tangled mess of what we’re all looking for- balance.   This person understands “pushups make you a better parent.”


So many of us have goals related to our physical appearance or fitness performance.  In order to see any of them come to pass, we’ve got to plug into BOTH the daily, tedious tasks, and the greater purpose for those tasks.

*Proverbs 29:18 is that often quoted “without vision the people perish” scripture and virtuous principle, right? Well, I really like the way The Message translation says it: “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves;  But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”  I don’t know about you, but this really helps me see… there is always a bigger, greater purpose for the daily things we are doing.
Find the balance…Live on purpose.



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