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So many of the things most of us accept as normal, part of “aging,” and/or have just learned to live with are NOT supposed to be a part of our wellness story. Things like headaches, aches and pains, bloating, indigestion, gas, skin issues, and so much more…no, not normal, not something to learn to deal with and NOT for you. These (and more!) are all common symptoms of a broad category of physical dis-ease, called autoimmune disorder.

And you may not know if you have a specific autoimmune disorder, but the spectrum is long and wide and medical professionals are still deep in the research stages of finding out more and more. The agreement, across the board, though, is that most autoimmune disorder originates in the gut- the entire digestive tract is basically it’s own ecosystem and the health and/or lack of health there can determine your quality of life!

It was actually almost 20 years before we could pinpoint that my own personal health distress could be managed, improved and somewhat resolved, though, when we started to address my symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle instead of continuing to try medications. It was such a breakthrough for me, that I became passionate about finding the ways that worked best, and I found that consistency and intention with nutrition made the biggest impact, overall! This, in part, drove my path into wellness coaching and nutrition certification, and I created a plan from my approach to resetting and re-establishing gut health.

Whether you know for sure, or you think it’s possible that you may struggle with leaky gut, digestive distress, autoimmune disorders and just can’t seem to control your physical health and nutrition, this plan may be right for you. A standard elimination diet geared toward removing irritants, reclaiming your gut health and clearly identifying food-irritants so that you can feel empowered to influence your own health and wellness. Add on coaching so I can help you navigate the process and process your individual circumstances.

*Amanda is a licensed professional counselor, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach; her information is not intended to take the place of a medical professional or registered dietician.

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